A flurry of sparks.

We let these stones shine. On the outside, the brilliants are secured in the ring by a sharp edge. Between the stones are fine, open prongs which serve as a setting, leaving the diamond plenty of space and a generous amount of light.


Delicate artistry

This wedding ring was created using an old hand-crafting technique called “millegrain.” A “thousand grains” adorn the surface and accentuate the brilliants embedded in it. This creates the appearance that the precious stones really are floating in a bath of grains.


That certain something.

This design features two elements at once. The classically elegant metal band of a wedding ring and the glowingly joyful side of a decorative ring.


The magic is in the detail.

Here, the elegant princess cut diamond is embedded in a plain band of metal. Daintily set brilliants on the side of the ring make this classic a highlight of the collection.