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A decorative ring from Christian Bauer stays with you for life. Its value is timeless and only increases with each decade as it is worn. Their German craftsmanship gives them a unique quality, worthy of the highest aesthetic standards. Choose a sumptuous, individual decorative ring from the Christian Bauer collection! Our rings are distinguished by their unique design and exquisite quality. Whether it's an anniversary band or a solitaire, the design of your unique decorative ring is for you to decide. Choose the ring that's right for you. Christian Bauer decorative rings are skillfully and lovingly crafted, using only the finest materials like platinum, gold and diamonds. You can always tell our rings by their unmistakable design – the product of five generations of artisans. All our decorative rings are exclusively unique pieces, made to be exceptionally comfortable to wear. This is important to us, since the ring eventually becomes a part of you. Christian Bauer rings are a joy to wear. The most beautiful diamonds and metals glow brilliantly, their quality shining through. Our decorative rings are delightfully sensuous, awakening desire and passion. You'll be drawn to them at once! Whether you're going for a classical look or something glamorous, our timeless design means you'll never have to take our rings off. Enchant yourself and others with our spellbinding jewelry! Choose your ring from our gallery, and feel the passion that our luxurious pieces inspire. Is the size of the diamond more important to you or the metal alloy? Which colors and which shape will you choose? We hope you'll enjoy picking out your uniquely personal piece of jewelry!