Questions & Answers

The Christian Bauer Stockist Zone – What is it?

The Christian Bauer Stockist Zone provides retailers with access to all retailer-related content such as current pricing information, price lists and metal prices, as well as any available downloads such as advertising templates, logos, images, etc. We use it as a platform to provide you with all the important information that you need for your day-to-day retail operations.

How can I get access to the stockist zone?

To get access to the Christian Bauer Stockist Zone you must be an authorised Christian Bauer Stockist and you must obtain authorised access to the Stockist zone via the Stockist Registration Form. Once you have completed this application we will review your details and send you an e-mail with your user account and login data as soon as possible.

Who can get access to the stockist zone?

The Christian Bauer Stockist Zone can only be accessed by official Christian Bauer wedding ring stockists. A further prerequisite is that an application for access authorisation must be sent via our Online Registration Form.

I have already registered for the rstockist zone but have not yet received any confirmation of my registration – How long does this normally take?

We try to process all registration queries as quickly as possible. In some cases, however, processing can take a few days. We would therefore ask you to be patient. However, if you have not received an authorisation e-mail within a week, please contact us.

I already have access to the Christian Bauer Stockist Zone but I’ve forgotten my access data – What must I do?

If you have forgotten your user data, you can simply give us the e-mail address you used to register for the stockist zone and we will have your user data resent to you. You will then be issued with a new password which, of course, you can change at any time in the stockist zone.

I have valid access data for the stockist zone but I’m unable to log in – Why?

Your access data only enables you to access the stockist zone for your own country. It is not possible, for example, for a German stockist to log in to the English stockist zone. You must also have cookies and JavaScript activated in your browser and these must be permitted for the Christian Bauer website. These settings should be activated in your browser by default. However, please check these settings if you are in any doubt or if you have problems logging in. Please also ensure that your user data is written correctly (i.e. upper and lower case, etc.). In case of doubt, please copy the details from your confirmation e-mail into the login fields. If you should still experience problems logging in, please contact us.

I would like to delete my stockist access – How do I go about it?

To delete your retailer account with us, you need only send us an informal E-mail giving your user data and we will delete your retailer user account immediately.