Fair and grateful treatment of our Mother Earth is more than an empty promise at Christian Bauer. That’s why, at our new office building and the attached production facility, each stage of work is planned out as ecologically as possible.

No trees are cut down, and no earth is dug up to produce a piece of Christian Bauer jewellery. All metals used to produce jewellery at our facility come from previously mined stock. This is Christian Bauer’s way of making a direct contribution to environmental conservation. Naturally, Christian Bauer uses only certified precious stones and metals from select suppliers.


Our new building combines a friendly environment with maximized efficiency

Our new building features new, high-efficiency machines, allowing us to greatly reduce our CO2 output.

But we’re also putting more of an emphasis on sustainability inside the production facility. Our own, in-house

water treatment system allows us to save water, an important resource. In addition, work clothes and cleaning utensils can be cleaned in-house.


Transparency and kindness are essential to our operations.

Taking responsibility for our environment and having a positive and respectful attitude toward our employees are at the core of our value system at Christian Bauer.