More than 135 years of experience go into the creation of our jewelry. Continuity, rituals and a certain etiquette are the guarantee for consistency and quality.


Flooded with light, friendly and open: The brightly lit working areas and interesting spatial structures of our cutting edge production facilities provide the ideal atmosphere for creating quality.



Our many long years of successful collaboration foster a feeling of unity and partnership.


Here, all the most varied professions of the craft come together as a team to produce fine works of art. In most parts of the world, production is now generally automated. But at Christian Bauer, we still believe that artistic craftsmanship, coupled with a certain amount of high-tech produce the best results, always to made to high standards.


Each time it passes from one artisan to the next, the piece comes nearer and nearer to completion.

If the feel of a piece of jewelry is one of the main criteria for quality, then anyone who puts on one of these rings will be impressed with the expert craftsmanship that goes into them.

These rings are comfortable to wear, look flattering on the hand and accentuate the individual finger on which they are worn.