The story of the Christian Bauer company has deep roots in the country. We’ve moulded and supported entire generations of workers in a variety of trades.


We carry on our company tradition with pride.

Christian Bauer is a living tradition. Still based in its ancestral town of Welzheim, Germany, the company has been creating jobs for five generations

and, with each generation, grows more and more closely connected with the scenic resort in the Welzheim

Forest. This expression of our strong internal ties to the region attracts many young people from Welzheim and the surrounding area to the career opportunities offered them by Christian Bauer.

This personal connection is most important when it goes beyond purely practical issues and enters the realm of emotion.


The label “Made in Germany” is seen in many countries as a seal of quality, both coveted and admired.┬áTo wear a wedding ring, the symbol of everlasting love, forged by Christian Bauer carries meaning and prestige throughout the world. At Christian Bauer, the icon for this German quality is the fir tree, which is stamped on each piece of jewellery we produce, proudly affirming the origins and character of the piece.


Christian Bauer associates the fir tree seal with our pledge to deliver the finest quality and meet the highest standards.


Felix Hirzel heads up the company and is part of the fifth generation to do so. He is the great-great-grandson of the company’s founder.

Christian Bauer looks back on the experience of over 135 years of company history. Each generation was keenly aware of its responsibility, passing their innovations, expertise and inspiration on to the next generation. Everything is built on what came before, each person profiting from the experience of their predecessors. Christian Bauer is a company that with deep roots in its homeland, from which it draws its strength and progress.